Chrome Pigments

Organic pigment color and pigment dispersions are widely used for colouring textiles, NC lacquer, printing ink which are further classified into water based inks, solvent inks and offset inks, PVC, paints, plastic and rubber.Chrome Pigments: Chromes are prepared by reaction with Sodium Bi-Chromate, Lead Nitrate called Lead Chromate. Qualitron Chemicals is one of the leading exporters of the Chrome Pigments.

Chrome Pigments: Product Details

Pigment Yellow

Pigment Yellow 12

Pigment Yellow 12 is an organic compound and an azo compound. It is a widely used yellow pigment

Pigment Yellow 13

Pigment Yellow13 is an medium shade diarylide yellow offering good opacity and tinting strength compared to other diarylide pigments.

Pigment Yellow 14

Pigment Yellow 14 is a green shaded diarylide yellow powder pigment. Insoluble in water and difficult to soluble in toluene.

Pigment Orange

Pigment Orange 13 is a bright, clean, transparent Pyrazolone Orange with excellent tinting strength. Pigment Orange 13 has fair lightfastness in masstone/deep shades and is poor in tints.

Pigment Red

We have expertise and network chain specially developed for our products Pigment Red 53:1 – Lake Red & Pigment Red 57:1 – Rubine Toner.

Pigment Violet

We have expertise and network chain specially developed for our special products Pigment Violet 3 (Pigment Violet 772) Pigment Violet 27 (Pigment Violet 777).

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