We have signed up with manufacturers for high-quality comprehensive range of phthalocyanine pigments, which are extensively used for the different industrial applications. Weather and heat resistant is the unique selling point of the phthalocyanine pigments.We serve a huge spectrum of customers ranging from Paint, Ink , Plastics, Textiles , Agriculture and Rubber industries.

The applications of these pigments is in NC lacquer, printing ink, water based inks, solvent inks, offset inks, PVC, paints, plastic, rubber and textile.

Wide Range of Organic Pigments

Phthalocyanine Pigments

  • Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue 15:0 (Colour Index No: 74160)

  • Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue 15:1 (Colour Index No: 74160)

  • Phthalocyanine Beta Blue 15:3 (Colour Index No: 74160)

  • Phthalocyanine Green 7 (Colour Index No: 74260)

  • Others

Organic Pigments

  • Chrome Pigments

  • Pigment Yellow

  • Pigment Orange

  • Pigment Red

  • Pigment Violet

  • Others

Other Pigments

Any Other Organic or Inorganic Pigments can order as per client requirements.

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